Flags of the Spirit  is an interactive room size installation installed at The International  Incheon Women Artists' Biennale, South  Korea

Private Commission 

FLAGS OF THE SPIRIT is an interactive installation created for the first International Women Artist Biennale in Incheon, S Korea. It honors the footprints of women on the sands of all beaches and their spiritual strength during wartime. 

This work brings together disparate elements such as corrugated paper, handmade paper, wire bamboo and sand. My materials are light, tough, transparent, solid, lively, delicate and robust.  Perceived as fragile, paper has great inherent strength and durability representing the qualities of women. The interactive  viewer should experience these sentinal-like forms as guardians of the Spirit of Women-kind.

 Dimensions are 18'h x 15'w x 18'd

                                                            Time and The River installation:  PULP FUNCTION curated by Lloyd Herman at the Fuller Craft Museum; Brockton, MA.
                                                            Aluminum, steel mesh and Handmade Abaca Paper 84 x 120 x 10 inches



Design by Joan Giordano

 Released in 2000 to became an award winning album.

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