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Joan Giordano — A Painter Finds Her Passion for Paper
*Charlene Giannetti
September, 2012

During the last presidential election, Joan Giordano became very involved watching the political process unfold. “I was totally sucked in,” she said. “All these talking heads and pundits. We were constantly bombarded. It’s about the noise that we hear constantly in our heads and how it doesn’t always relate to what is occurring.” Joan took newspapers and began to create. “I began weaving together papers from all over the world” she said, incorporating other materials like corrugated cardboard, burnt papers, wallpaper, copper wire, ancient Chinese paper, found objects, and wax.
The result was “Who Owns the News.” It’s easy to be mesmerized by the piece.”You get close and you read little excerpts and it’s fun. “You have a window into what was happening at that time.”

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Joan Giordano’s exhibit Spinout  at June Kelly Gallery June, 2012, received positive comments from two major publications – The Wall Street Journal and Art in America magazine.  In a review in the Journal, critic Peter Plagens wrote that her constructions, which use newspapers from around the world as major elements, are “handsome works that hang on the wall like a Samurai's divested armor” and may well serve “as well-designed mementos of a bygone medium.”  Art in America editors selected the exhibition as one of a few “thought-provoking, clever and memorable shows that stand out in a crowded field” that they “can't stop talking about.”  Her constructions using newspapers, they write, are “chromatically harmonious paper constructions,…an homage to the beleaguered print medium.”  Newspapers, they write, “are poignantly commemorated along with the ephemerality of news itself.” 



Joan Giordano at Tenri Cultural Institute
*Jonathan Goodman
December, 2007

"Giordano’s vertical presences might easily stand for actual figures. At the same time, they are exquisite examples of abstract sculptures."

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The Philadelphia Inquirer

 *Victoria Donohoe
September 12, 2008

"Giordano's handsomely textured sculptures are the result of a complex thought and work process that moves between freedom and rational control."

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Mainline Times, Philadelphia, PA

* Marie Fowler

"Artist draws inspiration from Japan, Greece"

September 18, 2008

The Advocate & Greenwich Times

East Meets West at the Hammond Museum
 L.P. Streitfeld
August 22, 2004

Sarasota Herald Tribune

*Joan Altabe
February 27, 1994

"In Giordano's hands, paper - the marble of modern sculpture - ranges beyond history, past prehistory, back to places of legend where paintings had magical function."    

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Fiberarts Magazine

Interview with Sandra Sider
Pg 33, 7 pages with photos:
Vol. 26, No.3
Nov/Dec 1999

New York Times

Art; "Imagery of Three Artists Is Contrasted in Pearl River Exhibit."
*D Dominick Lombardi
Jan 16, 2000

New York Times/LI

Donald Judd, Joan Giordano
*Vincent Katz
July 26, 1997

New York Times/ LI

"Abstractionists Star in East End Shows"
*Helen Harrison
July 29, 1984



Joan Giordano
Walter Wickiser Gallery
*Olivia W Douglas
July 29, 1984


Manhattan Profile/Joan Giordano

*Tony Riveti
July 16, 1992


Sarasota Herald Tribune

 "Art: Making New History"
 *Joan Altabe
January, 1995

New York Times

Skin Deep; A Solo Show, Skin; Structure and Form at the Staten Island Museum
March 14, 1999




*Robert Curcio
May 1999
Volume 13

Staten Island Advance

"New Exhibit At The Institute, Skin; Structure & Form showcases the work of Joan Giordano"
* Michael J. Fressola
March 12, 1999


Staten Island Advance

"Joan Giordano at Mauro Graphics"

*Michael J. Fressola
November 4, 1988