Works on paper, collage, mixed media


"Newspapers are powerful metaphors.  Just citing some names evokes poetry and metaphysics: Le Monde, The Courant, The Times, Corriere della Sera, Pravda. Nothing less than The world, Time Evening, Messengers, Truth, Details, and finally, Everything. First rolled up to dry on the overhead plumbing pipes in a basement studio in New York, the tube-shaped newspapers that are such central elements in Giordano's constructions evoke a history ranging from batons with written messages passed on by Greek runners to rolled-up newspapers thrown onto lawns and doorsteps, as well as all the form and content that unfold within.  Giordano's beautifully crafted constructions are odes to a vanishing tradition."  - Cynthia Nadelman

 Constructions evolved by subverting my source materials as I began to add rolls of international newspapers and pull apart the paper to weave found objects, corrugated scraps, burl-edged papers, wallpapers and various texts.  Examples of the news, which constitutes the events whose spin we hear and read day in and day out and builds the myth we are promised is reality, are woven into the very fabric of these works.    

Weaving has significance for me, in that it is an activity in which women engage to hold together, or try to hold together, those pieces of information and knowledge, marriage, & relationships that seem to slip from our grasp. As a group, then, these works concern the destruction of form followed by its reconstruction - valuable for its ability to begin a new process that is instrumental in healing our history, ourselves.

"History is a version of the past events that people have decided to agree upon" – Napoleon

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